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  • Rehabilitation is key to increasing their independence and inclusion into society.

  • In addition to medical costs, it is estimated that a disability of a child costs a family $30,500 per year.

  • 80 to 100 therapy services per year, on average per family, are needed to ensure progress with our model of care.

  • Most insurance limits therapy to only 20-40 sessions per year.


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How TeletonUSA Helps


We work every day to mobilize Americans in every corner of the country to act on behalf of children with disabilities.


We inspire Americans to give of their hearts and their hands to provide children with disabilities, and their families, the support they need to live full, joyful lives.


We support the heroic institutions that provide life-changing rehabilitative services to the children and families that need it most. At the center of our mission is our own heroic institution – the Children’s Rehabilitation Institute of TeletonUSA, located in San Antonio, Texas – a support center like none other in the U.S.

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What is the Children's Rehabilitation Institute of TeletonUSA?

The Children’s Rehabilitation Institute of TeletonUSA is a state-of-the-art pediatric rehabilitation facility in San Antonio, Texas that offers services to children and families from birth to 18 years of age with neurological and musculoskeletal disabilities. CRIT USA treats children with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, genetic disorders, congenital diseases, spinal cord injuries, amputations, and babies in need of early intervention – regardless of a family’s ability to pay.

We take great pride in having some of the most advanced rehabilitation equipment available, as well as a highly trained and caring staff of medical professionals. TeletonUSA has 19 years of experience in pediatric healthcare for children with special needs, and has mastered the formula to successfully empower patients and families with neurological and musculoskeletal disorders to live their best lives.

TeletonUSA’s comprehensive model of care has improved outcomes because we support the patient as a whole person, and their entire family as one unit. Our goal is to help each child reach his or her maximum potential and be fully included into society. As CRIT USA succeeds in San Antonio, TeletonUSA will look to additional locations for new CRITs, as well as partnerships with hospitals and research institutions across the country.


Meet Those We’ve Helped

Every day we are inspired by the strength, stamina, and courage of the children and families who come to CRIT for therapy. Their stories are remarkable. Here are a few.

Meet Melenie

Meet Melenie, a 13 year-old girl from Laredo, Texas, with Cerebral Palsy. She is working toward her long-term goal of walking independently.

Meet Desteny

Meet Desteny, a 13-year-old girl from San Antonio, unable to stand or walk, until now.

Meet Diego

Meet Diego, a 12 year-old boy who lives in Austin, Texas. He is no longer using the headrest on his wheelchair.


The TeletonUSA TV Event

Each December, we hold our live television all-star charity event — the largest fundraising event of the year — with our television partner, Univision. This exciting 30-hour-long show raises funds to support the CRIT in San Antonio as well as future CRITs in the United States. It includes more than 20 celebrities and entertainment acts and 55 patients (and their families) who are currently in treatment at the rehabilitation institute. To date, the event has raised $61 million. This year, the event aired live on December 4th and 5th, surpassing last year's goal and raising $15.7 million. Thank you for your support in helping us !

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